For more than three years, Céline Paquier and myself regularly organize manga drawing workshops in the Canton of Vaud in more than a dozen of libraries and hospitals! It’s such a pleasure to share our passion for drawing and to pass on as best as we can our enthusiasm for creativity. Manga in particular is more and more liked amongst the youth and many are interested to draw in that style. The perfect opportunity to gather around a paper sheet and to draw!

Our workshops have an usual duration of two hours and are ideal for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old.

The formula

We begin with a short interactive presentation on the steps to create a manga and interesting facts about its influence in Japan. Then we introduce our booklet of tutorials which we give to each participant.

The students are then invited to draw! We adapt our workshop with their level and age and give them personalized advice all along. We usually encourage them to create a fullbody character.

If the room allows, one of us demonstrate the steps of creation of a character live on screen. The workshop ends with the possibility to test a graphic tablet for those interested.

2. Peinture digitale

La peinture digitale, c’est quoi? Il s’agit du dessin à l’ordinateur à l’aide d’une tablette graphique! Si vous en possédez une ainsi qu’un logiciel de dessin (tel que Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint ou Paint Tool SAI), vous êtes prêt/e pour participer à cet atelier! Remplissez ce petit formulaire pour me faire connaître vos envies et votre niveau actuel et pour être tenu/e au courant des prochaines sessions!

Lieu: région de Nyon

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