Adobe Illustrator

Two sisters and a passion for macramé

Macrea are two sisters with a passion for macramé who, after giving it to all their friends, decided to launch their store on instagram. So that’s how Alice and Monica approached me to create their brand identity.

Values of Macrea


Macrea’s need is to have an attractive logo that represents them so they can use it on instagram and make business cards.


For their logo, Alice and Monica wanted to include one of their hands. They both have a typical way of holding hands, and that’s what we originally started with. Then, with a few more searches, we settled on a hand (which is Alice’s hand), holding a macramé ball. The hand immediately evokes craftsmanship, handmade, and it’s a value that’s obviously close to both sisters’ hearts.

The font selected for the logo is called Dellima, a pretty serif font with a soft, delicate feel that immediately appealed to Macrea.

For Macrea’s dominant color, a sienna was chosen, once again suggesting craftsmanship with a color derived from nature.