Building my website!

I’m building my website and I need an article to help me personalize it. So here I am, without any clue of what I’m going to write.

This blog page will be dedicated to the news about my drawings and my artistic carrier, but I’m thinking about writing my daily adventures (possibly in strips). Basically, any update I find interesting or amusing! You’ll be able to subscribe to the newsletter (which I haven’t created yet).

For the ones who might have landed here randomly, what do you think about my website for now? Have you any ideas or modifications I should do? What advice would you give me? I’d be happy to read answer even though I doubt there would be any under this post ever! :’)

See you soon – maybe.


Ps: I’m translating this article as a test (again), it’s been six months I think since I wrote it in French, and I find it amazing to see how much my website has been improving. I was mentioning a nonexistent Newsletter, and now it does exist. And as for the blog posts, it became so much more important than just about my drawings… Because now I’m thinking about making tutorials and giving drawing tips to help my subscribers. Stay tuned!